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See our range of Vlemmix boat trailers below. All our boat trailers are available as a motorboat or as a sailboat version. With a Vlemmix boat trailer you are always assured of a reliable, robust but above all high-quality trailer with which you are assured of years of driving and sailing pleasure!


Each tube or sheet part is manufactured with the most modern techniques in sheet and tube laser cutting, all parts are accurate to within 0.1 mm. As a result.

European approval

Vlemmix Trailers has European approval on all its trailers. You can drive a Vlemmix tiny house trailer on the road anywhere in Europe!

Sharp price

Because Vlemmix Trailers purchases in large numbers, we can market the price of all trailers competitively. This way we can help our customers at all times with a suitable trailer according to their wishes!

Boat trailer from Vlemmix trailers

Purchasing a boat trailer offers you many advantages. You are suddenly much more mobile to explore new canals, lakes or other bodies of water. With a boat trailer you can easily drive to other countries, provinces or regions and then explore new sailing routes by boat. Besides the fact that a boat trailer gives you many advantages when discovering other waters, it is also a very useful tool in the winter. If you want to store your boat during the winter or to store it for maintenance, a boat trailer is the perfect tool. In short: enough reasons to purchase a boat trailer, but what exactly should you pay attention to when purchasing a boat trailer? Thanks to its many years of experience and a wide range of boat trailers, Vlemmix Trailers certainly has the perfect boat trailer for you.

Why a Vlemmix boat trailer?

Vlemmix Trailers has been a leading manufacturer of boat trailers in the Netherlands and Europe for years. We offer you a wide choice of designs. You can opt for a single-axle, a double-axle or a three-axle. In addition, our boat trailers are suitable for boats in the trailer segment up to 3500 kg.

A Vlemmix boat trailer is supplied with a polyurethane bilge and keel rollers as standard. Unlike rubber and PVC, polyurethane does not need to be renewed regularly. In addition, polyurethane is tear-resistant, resistant to abrasion and the bilge and keel rollers of this material do not leave streaks.

A Vlemmix boat trailer comes standard with: adjustable Knott axles with waterproof bearings, stainless steel brake cables, waterproof LED contour lighting, heavy folding nose wheel, an extendable/removable lighting beam, adjustable boat rollers and an adjustable winch support. The chassis is fully welded and galvanized on the inside and outside. In addition, a Vlemmix boat trailer has curved cross beams, so that the boat is as low as possible.

Which boat trailer do i need?

First of all, it is important that the weight of the boat (all parts and accessories including the engine) is lower than the maximum loading weight of the boat trailer. If you do not know the exact weight of your boat trailer? Please contact your dealer or look on the internet for further information. If you are not sure how much your boat trailer weighs including all accessories and the engine you can apply the rule of thumb of +10% of the total weight of your boat.

Once you have mapped this out, you can check whether the length of the boat is smaller than the maximum boat length of your boat trailer. When determining the length of your boat trailer, you do not have to take the outboard motor into account. All boat trailers from Vlemmix Trailers are equipped with an extendable and also removable light bar of no less than 1 metre. Should your boat protrude more than 1 meter? Then you are obliged to use a “long-load marking board” (diagonal red-white striped, dimensions 0.50 m by 0.50 m).

Besides the fact that you have to take into account the extendable light bar of 1 meter, also keep in mind that your boat should not protrude too much. Your boat may not be more than 0.5 x the length of your boat trailer.

In order to be able to load and transport the boat without damage, the boat trailer must always be adjusted to the boat. It is important that the weight of your boat is as much as possible above the load-bearing part of the boat trailer.

Finally, one of the most important criteria when purchasing a boat trailer is whether your car is suitable for moving your boat. To answer this question you need to look at the maximum towing weight of your car combined with the weight of your boat and trailer. The total weight of your boat trailer in combination with your boat may not support the maximum towing weight of your car.

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