Machine transporter

Vlemmix Trailers is the specialist when it comes to producing a machine transporter. With years of experience and the specialists in the right place, you are assured of a robust and high-quality machine transporter.


Each tube or sheet part is manufactured with the most modern techniques in sheet and tube laser cutting, all parts are accurate to within 0.1 mm. As a result, you will not encounter any surprises during construction

European approval

Vlemmix Trailers has European approval on all its trailers. You can drive a Vlemmix tiny house trailer on the road anywhere in Europe!

Sharp price

Because Vlemmix Trailers purchases in large numbers, we can market the price of all trailers competitively. This way we can help our customers at all times with a suitable trailer according to their wishes!

Machine transporter

Vlemmix Trailers is a leading manufacturer when it comes to machine transporters. Vlemmix Trailers has been producing robust and high-quality trailers for many years. Experience in our profession shows that a machine transporter must be ready for tough jobs every day. That is why we think it is important that our trailers are able to withstand all possible knocks. As a result, you are insured with the daily transport of, for example, your excavators or tools. All machine transporters are equipped with a gas spring, which makes folding and unfolding the ramp has never been so easy. This makes loading and unloading your tools simple, but above all safe. In addition, Vlemmix Trailers offers a wide range of different versions. As a result, there is always a perfect version for you! Shouldn’t this be the case? Then you can always compose the machine transporter yourself via our extra options.


Why a Vlemmix Trailers machine transporter?

What makes Vlemmix Trailers’ machine transporters unique compared to other manufacturers is that we are right on top of the production process. For example, all machine transporters are welded by our innovative welding robot and everything is assembled by skilled specialists. Vlemmix Trailers’ machine transporters are also often praised for its robustness. As a result, you are assured of a machine transporter that can cope with all possible terrains and surfaces.

The machine transporters from Vlemmix Trailers are available in various sizes up to 4 meters and a load capacity of up to 2530 kilos.

What is a machine transporter

As the name implies, a machine transporter is a trailer that is adjusted to transport machines and other vehicles. This includes work vehicles, excavators and vehicles with caterpillar tracks. Normally, all machine transporters are equipped with a ramp, so that the machines and (work) vehicles can easily be driven onto the trailer. The machine transporters are available in different sizes, so that there is a suitable trailer for every vehicle. There is also a variation in the number of axles under the trailer, so that more kilos can be transported.

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