Tiny house

The difference between the standard version and the platform version is the height. The height of the building platform of a standard Vlemmix tiny house trailer is 52cm. The Vlemmix platform trailer version has a height of 62cm and a flat surface to build on. The trailers, standard and plateau, are available in different sizes, so that there is a suitable trailer for your tiny house. In addition, there is a variation in the number and weight of the axles.

Technical experience

In 2016 Vlemmix Trailers was one of the first manufacturers to produce the first tiny house trailer in Europe. Due to early experience and new techniques, our tiny house trailer is a household name throughout Europe

European approval

Vlemmix Trailers has European approval on all its trailers. You can drive a Vlemmix tiny house trailer on the road anywhere in Europe!

Sharp price

Because Vlemmix Trailers purchases in large numbers, we can market the price of all trailers competitively. This way we can help our customers at all times with a suitable trailer according to their wishes!

Standard or Platform?

The difference between the standard version and the platform version is the height. The height of the build platform of the standard trailer is 52cm. That is a major advantage when building a tiny house. According to the European approval, the construction of a tiny house may be a maximum of four meters, including the height of the trailer. You will therefore gain 10cm in height during the construction of a tiny house compared to the Vlemmix platform version.

The Vlemmix platform version, on the other hand, has a height of 62 cm and has a flat surface to build on. An advantage of the platform version is that the building platform and the wheel arches are at the same height. Because they have the same height, you do not have to take the tires and wheel arches into account when building a tiny house.


Why a Vlemmix Tiny House Trailer?


In recent years, the demand for tiny houses in Europe has grown enormously. Minimalistic and sustainable living is becoming increasingly attractive. Vlemmix Trailers is the pioneer when it comes to trailers for a tiny house. Because we weld and produce our trailers ourselves on the basis of specialists, Vlemmix Trailers has established itself as the European market leader in chassis for tiny houses. Vlemmix trailers are frequently used for tiny houses, but can also be used as a food truck or for your own construction.

The trailers can be divided into two chassis versions: the standard version or the platform version. Both versions have twelve models each. All trailers are equipped with overrun brakes and axles from Knott, one of the leading axle manufacturers in Europe. As a result, there is always a suitable version for you! Shouldn’t this be the case? Then you can always compose the trailer yourself using our extra options.


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