Gooseneck machine transporter 3×1350 kg – 4.8m x 1.8m

The Gooseneck machine transporter 3x1350 kg - 4.8m x 1.8m is ideal to use for transporting your excavators and other vehicles. The Gooseneck machine transporter 3x1350 kg - 4.8m x 1.8m is the longest trailer in its series. With the total measurements of 662 x 240 x 167cm, this is the largest machine transporter we sell. Like the 4m x 1.8m, this trailer is 240cm wide. With a payload capacity of 2630 kg, you can easily transport all your vehicles from point A to B.

2630 kg Capacity
Number of axes 3 x 1350 kg
662 x 240 x 100 Measurements
870 kg Own weight

Competitive price

Because Vlemmix Trailers buys in large numbers, we can offer competitive prices for all trailers on the market. This means that we can always help our customers with an affordable Vlemmix tiny house trailer.


The trailer has three axles of 1350kg each, giving you a very high technical payload, but according to European regulations the maximum permissible weight is always 3500kg.


Because each tube or sheet metal part is manufactured with the most modern techniques in sheet metal and tube laser cutting, all parts are accurate to within 0.1 mm.

Gooseneck machine transporter 3×1350 kg – 4.8m x 1.8m

The Gooseneck machine transporter 3×1350 kg – 4.8m x 1.8m from Vlemmix Trailers is one of the strongest machine transporters in its class. This machine transporter is the longest trailer in its series, but with a width of 240cm, it is not wider than the 4m x 1.8m trailer. As a result, you don’t need to pay extra attention to the width while driving. With a loading surface of 480x180cm, this machine transporter is perfect for narrow machinery and accessories. With a load capacity of an impressive 2620 kg, the machine transporter is the perfect trailer for transporting mini-excavators, aerial work platforms, or forklifts.

The three 1350kg axles from Knott ensure that your machine trailer is equipped with high-quality axles. Knott axles are known for their extreme reliability and are a market leader in Europe. By mounting the axles as low as possible, Vlemmix Trailers achieves a machine trailer with a low loading floor height of 34 cm.

Vlemmix Trailers’ machine transporters are thermally galvanized. Galvanization provides a protective layer that shields the metal from corrosion. This ensures high resistance to wear and prevents rust formation in case of scratches and minor damage. In addition to the strong and reliable construction, all machine transporters from Vlemmix Trailers are neatly finished. Sharp components such as zinc and metal points are carefully finished, and the cables for the lighting are concealed in the beams and ramp of the chassis.

All ramps of Vlemmix Trailers come with a gas spring. The gas spring makes folding and unfolding the ramp easier and safer than ever. Furthermore, the ramp features a perforated grid with a sturdy non-slip profile, making it easy for the machine to drive onto the trailer. With a loading floor height of 34 cm and a ramp of 130 cm, you have a minimal slope for loading your vehicle onto the machine transporter. Additionally, you have the option to extend the ramp.

If you are interested in our Gooseneck machine transporter 3×1350 kg – 4.8m x 1.8m but need additional features, that’s not a problem! All machine transporters can be customized with the following optional extras:

  • Aluminum tread plate 480×180
  • Cover lock + discus lock;
  • SCM approved lock;
  • Shock absorbers;
  • Tool box 60x27x35 cm;
  • Wheel + tire 195/50R13 900 KG;
  • Floor ring mounted;
  • Winch 1200KG;
  • Winch support;

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