Tiny house 540 platform 2x1800kg

The Vlemmix tiny house 540 plateau is the smallest tiny house trailer from Vlemmix Trailers. By keeping the chassis as small and compact as possible, the tiny house 540 plateau is suitable for smaller houses and other purposes. As the name suggests, the tiny house 540 plateau has a platform trailer model (high-loader chassis). As a result, the loading floor is located above the wheels and wheel arches, so that you can use the entire loading floor, unlike the standard tiny house trailers.

2920 kg Capacity
Number of axes 2 x 1800 kg
690 x 255 x 62 Measurements
580 kg Own weight

Technical experience

As one of the first manufacturers, Vlemmix Trailers produced Europe's first tiny house trailer in 2016. Due to early experience and new techniques, our tiny house trailer is an established concept throughout Europe.


Because each tube or sheet metal part is manufactured with the most modern techniques in sheet metal and tube laser cutting, all parts are accurate to within 0.1 mm.

European approval

All Vlemmix Trailers' chassis have European approval. This means you can use the COC documents to register the trailer anywhere in Europe.

Tiny house 540 platform 2x1800kg

The tiny house 540 plateau 2x 1800kg from Vlemmix Trailers is an excellent chassis for smaller versions. The loading floor of the tiny house 540 plateau plateau is 10 cm higher than with the tiny house 540 standard version. As a result, the loading floor is at a height of 62 cm instead of 52 cm. The wheels and wheel arches are located under the loading floor, so that construction can take place on the entire loading floor.

The tiny house 540 platform has a total size of 690 x 255 x 62 and a construction area of ​​540 x 245 x 62. The trailer has a load capacity of 2920 kg and compared to large trailers, the smaller TH540 platform can carry more weight per square meter. be built on. This is because the total weight is maximized at 3500kg.

The tiny house 540 plateau has two 1800 kg axles from Knott. As a result, you are always assured of high-quality axles under your tiny house chassis. The Knott axles are known in the market as extremely reliable axles and are therefore the market leader in Europe!

To guarantee a long life for the Tiny house trailer, all chassis of Vlemmix Trailers are hot-dip galvanized. The galvanizing creates a protective layer, which protects the metal against corrosion. This guarantees a high resistance to wear and tear and prevents rust from forming in the event of scratches and minor damage. All tiny house trailers are neatly finished so that you do not run into anything during construction. the cables of the lighting are concealed in the chassis so that you do not suffer from them either.

If you are interested in our tiny house 540 plateau 2x1800kg, but are you missing some extra options? That is not a problem! All tiny house trailers from Vlemmix Trailers may be additionally feasible with:

  • Vertical support legs 1350kg;
  • Spare wheel with optional spare wheel support;
  • Alloy wheels 13 inches;
  • Wheel chock with holder (blue);
  • Shock absorber;

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