Bunk trailer 7m 2x1350kg

The Bunk trailer 7m 2x1350kg is perfect for transporting your motorboat, console boat, or possibly your sloop. The boat trailer is equipped with two 1350 kg axles with waterproof bearings and a Knott overrun brake. The beams are made of impregnated wood with a felt carpet wrapped around them. The robust frame is fully hot-dip galvanized and designed for a long lifespan.

2190 kg Capacity
Number of axes 2 x 1350 kg
700 x 220 x 120 Measurements
510 kg Own weight


Because each tube or sheet metal part is manufactured with the most modern techniques in sheet metal and tube laser cutting, all parts are accurate to within 0.1 mm.


The 7 meter boat trailer is the best-selling model in the range.

Stainless steel mat.

Knott axles with waterproof bearings are fitted to all Vlemmix Trailers boat trailers. And of course, stainless steel brake cables and a stainless steel threaded rod for the brake system.

Bunk trailer 7m 2x1350kg

The Bunk trailer 7m 2x1350kg from Vlemmix Trailers is a very reliable boat trailer to transport your boat. It is the most common and second smallest boat trailer of Vlemmix Trailers with the measurements of 700 x 220 cm. This model is equipped with two axles of 1350 kg. The boat trailer has a weight of 510 kg and a loading capacity of 2190 kg, so it leaves enough margin for many practical options that help you during transport, but also on the slipway.

This trailer is equipped with four impregnated wooden beams with a length of 320cm. The beams have a lifespan of more than 10 years. Wrapped around the beams is felt carpet with a hard back and a soft top layer. This carpet is rot and wear-resistant. The beams can be adjusted in height and width. The bow support is also horizontally and vertically adjustable. Upon request, it is possible to add extra beams.

The wiring is integrated into the frame and connected to the 13-pin socket of your car. Additionally, the boat trailer is equipped with a light bar that is extendable and removable by one meter. Furthermore, the trailer has waterproof LED side lighting and LED license plate lighting.

Are you interested in our Beam trailer 7m 2x1350kg, but do you miss some extra options? That’s no problem! All boat trailers from Vlemmix Trailers can be fitted with extra options*:

  • Adjustable kim support;
  • Aluminum gangway 3 meters;
  • Shock absorbers;
  • V-construction;
  • Aluminum rim 14″ black.

*Do you have any other special wishes? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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